“Men gets and forgets…
God gives and forgives.”

On that premise, all this note is about is to serve as a reminder for myself that He really cares, because, knowing myself, if I don’t write this down somewhere, i’m going to forget it very, very soon.

Theres actually quite a few things that happened in the last 2 weeks that serves as a constant reminder that even if I didn’t ask Him for His blessing in those areas in particular, He cares enough to reach down and shower me so abundently.

1. I tend to drive about ~70km/hr down Marine Drive, and that road’s speed limit is only 50k/hr… and on Sunday the 24th, since i was making another round trip to and from Church to drive a couple ppl home, then back to attend a meeting… So i was in a bit of a rush, and i got stuck in traffic on Marine…
Any ways… Both trips had Police on MY side of the road… I could have eaten 2 tickets, hahaha 🙂

2. The back of my computer chair broke on Sat afternoon (30) because i tend to lean back on it, often. So on Sunday, I went down to Ikea to pick out a nice, new swivel chair. I had my sights on a couple different makes.
Then I went down to the ‘demo and returns’ area, and wow, both of my first AND second choice of chairs were there… perfectly fine, i ended up saving $50 🙂

3. The band that I really like, F.I.R., is coming to Richmond @ RiverRock Casino area on Feb 15th. The tickets goes for 79-99… I had already decided I wont go, as that money would be better spent elsewhere.
Either way, on Sunday night, one of my friends told me that her friend has a tickets that he needs to get rid of for cheaper, because he is going to be out of town. I declined the offer. But really, it felt like He was telling me that if i had really wanted to go, I could have went w/o paying for the whole price 🙂

I actually didn’t pray to Him for any of the above, sure you can say that i was just lucky, but I know it was all in His will that He really cared enough to bless so abundently!


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