Tuning Fork – quick thoughts

This is the logo of YAM, the ministry that I am involved in in my church.
Some of us lovingly refer to our logo as the ‘tuning fork’.

The Piano may be flat, but middle C is still middle C ~ Rev. Heidebrecht

As instruments of God, we often sound aweful; but middle C is still middle C. People are drawn to the music, and we can’t play that music if we are out of tune.

The World is on the way to Jesus, but they are tripping over me (us).

We are but beggars who found some bread, telling other beggars where to find it. ~ D.T. Niles (not exact quote)

The church is not a museum of saints, but a hospital for sinners.

We are not saints, but far from it. We are only Christians precisely because we realize how broken we are, and how desperate we need a saviour. So live and admit that we need more of His convicting and empowering love day after day.



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