A binder clip

God spoke through a binder clip…

At Urbana, one of the thing they did was printed all the bible verses that we are to use for morning devo and exposition on a piece of paper to create a ‘manuscript’.

One morning as we are doing the morning devo, I closed the binder clip over the manuscript and my notebook. The clip laneded on the word committed, with the word yes above it, and the word no under it. The sentence leading up was “all things have been committed”.

Committed. Yes? Or No?All things have been committed. Yes? Or No?

Committed. Yes? Or No?
All things have been committed. Yes? Or No?

It was a mind blown moment:

Committed. Yes? Or no?
All have been committed. Yes? Or no?

When it was God speaking, you’d just KNOW! And it was consistent with what I’ve been learning lately as well.
Refer back to my previous post worth.

I’m also reminded of the idea Tim Keller presented in “Counterfeit God”, again, a paraphrase:

A mature Christian is not one who has drilled to the depth of his soul and met Jesus there, no one can ever do that; but rather, a mature Christian is one who realizes this and keeps drilling to get closer until the day of His return or called home.

At every phase of the journey to believe and live like you are fully committed, just to realize, when you get to the next phase, that there’s always more, you can alway drill deeper.

Other thing I saw was really how great and creative God is. In words of a good friend, said in an affectionate way:

God is a troll, but the good kind.

He really loves to play with His children, in different ways to make proclaim that He is real and present, and to proclaim His love and creativity.

But seriously, God? A binder clip?


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