FOOL of a Took!

Disclaimer: This post is strictly for my Christian brothers and sisters, and contains strong language.

From what I can see on facebook, many of my Christian brother and sister are getting behind the new campaign for marriage equality (aka LGBT marriage law).

I understand the heart behind these actions, it is to show God’s love and acceptance to a group of people who tend to be mistreated.

Before I get into this issue i would like to ask you these questions:

1. There will always be conflict between our faith/belief, and our action/behaviour.
The secular approach to this conflict is to align our faith to our actions; but the Christian approach is to align our actions to our faith.
Are you aligning your faith to your action, or are you aligning your action to your faith?

2. When we learn from Scripture, it is easy for us to look for scripture basis for the views that we hold, instead of looking for God’s view for us to trust in.
When you read Scripture, do you read your view into it, or do you read God’s view out of it?

3. As the bringer of the Good News, our goal and command is to speak the truth in love.
Are you speaking the truth in love? or are you smothering truth in so much love that the truth is no longer recognisable?

What I am going to say from now on will be purely of truth stripped of the loving way of saying it, because I believe that bare truth is what is required now.


By standing behind this campaign, you have misrepresented the Gospel, and made it less than God.
In becoming like the world, to be accepted by the world, you have given up the Good News.

Its (the gospel) goal [becomes] an instantaneous human decision, rather than a radical transformation of the heart wrought by almighty God through the Holy Spirit’s convicting work and the truth of His Word. …Indeed, many members of the church in the Western world suppose they can best serve God by being as non-confrontive to their world as possible. …The church somehow got the idea that it could declare peace with the enemies of God. …Artificial or unnatural growth in the biological realm can cause disfigurement – or worse, cancer. Synthetic growth in the spiritual realm is every bit as unhealthy.
~ John MacArthur in Ashamed of the Gospel

I challenge you to read something as simple as Romans 1:18-32. God cannot be more plain than that. If you go into a frantic attempt to explain why it does not actually condemn homosexuality as a sin, you are being decieved and blinded. You need to allow Jesus to be the Truth in this regard.

Of course, I believe that my action of posting this will not change anyone’s mind, but it is my prayer that we can allow God to speak through that passage, and that we will seek God’s truth, instead of what we feel like should be true.

As I am by no means an expert, I would like to point you over to at CARM or CRI to continue to seek for His Truth and how are we to actually stand.

In His Love,


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