A story, paraphrased from a speaker that I admire:

Imagine that you have invited a pastor to speak at your meeting. The pastor arrives late, and you would say something like, “don’t you appreciate the opportunity to speak here?”

“Of course I do, but you’ll have to let me explain. I was on the highway and my car broke down. As I got out to examine the car, I came face to face with a 30 ton logging truck, and it ran me over, that’s why I was late.”

You would call him a liar or a mad man! Your response would have been, “it is not possible for you to be ran over by a 30 ton logging truck and remain healthy and unchanged.”

We would recognise an event like that as fiction, it could never happen that way: to be ran over by a truck and remain unchanged.

Why is it then, in the church, many self-proclaimed Christian claim to have an encounter with God, yet remain unchanged?

Behold! The power of your God! Not even the strength of a truck!



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