The Oldest Trick in the Book

Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”  ~ Genesis 3:1

“Did God really say…?” is the oldest trick in the book, although its old, it is also the exact same tactic that the enemy is using even today.

The current trend of asking these questions, fueled by the post-modernistic worldview… masks itself as a way to obtain more knowledge, but i’m now more and more convinced that this is not completely healthy.

As we profess that Christ is Lord (technically, He is Lord whether we profess it or not), we have no choice but to trust in His Word.

Are there biblically clear yet culturally controversial issues that we, as one body under one head, cannot be reconciled on?
I do not claim to be the biblical authority, but I like taking my Scripture at its Word; and when we enter a frantic attemp to explain why it cannot be as it is written, I think we are entering into a trap of conforming the Son of Man to our image, allowing Satan to elevate the thoughts of man above the truth of God.

I would like you to ponder these… are they culturally controversial? Yet biblically clear?

Did God really say… Satan is real, and we need to stand firm?
Did God really say… All have sinned?
Did God really say… Mankind are without excuse?
Did God really say… No one can come to the father except through Christ?
Did God really say… whoever does not believe stands condemned already?
Did God really say… that He hates all those who does inequity? and those who loves violence?
Did God really say… The human heart is wicked above all things?
Did God really say… Vengeance belongs to Him and He will repay?
Did God really say… Hell exists? and there will be people there… forever?
Did God really say… discern every spirit?
Did God really say… not all who calls Him ‘Lord, Lord’ will make it into heaven?
Did God really say… that the world will hate you, His followers?
Did God really say… Homosexuality is a sin?
Did God really say… Marriage (and sexuality) is ordained?
Did God really say… Wives submit to husbands? husbands lay down their lives for their wives?
Did God really say… Taking care of the poor is what it means to know Him?
Did God really say… Love as you have been loved?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and in this case, you don’t even need to. Satan is doing pretty well with just this oldest one…

So take Scripture seriously, take God seriously when He speaks through the Word… and Obey.
You do not have to agree, God welcomes the butting of heads, but ultimately, there is a time to just obey out of humility, knowing that you cannot and will not know everything.
And a loving father only wants the best for His child.

Thanks be to God,


EDIT: there was a part I feel that was not in accordance to my theme at hand so I edited that part…


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