Out of Respect

One sunday morning, as my car load of people pull into our near empty church parking lot, a measly 15min before service actually begins, a comment was made by a peer. I shrugged it off and just said, “it’s always been like this.”

As if that’s normal.

Then it got me thinking… why is it that we are always chronically late? The service always starts on time, then people trickle in. And we are so used to it.

As if that’s normal.

This is the kind of thing we don’t do for work/school/meeting someone, then why is it ok to do it with God? As if you are doing God a favor by even showing up at all!

Yes, God looks at the heart. Yes, God does not require you to specifically show up at a service on time. But isn’t this something that we should joyfully do out of respect and love for the One who died for us so that we may have life?

We can all agree that “Action speaks louder than words.” (see Matthew 7:15-20, John 13:35, James 1:22)

So you say you respect, and love the Lord, but your actions speak otherwise.

I mean, I completely understand if something comes up once in a while; but really? every week? Its like you’re not even trying!

Punctuality shows respect, and being early offers a chance to set our hearts straight to worship.

Chronic tardiness really just says God is not worth my time. And if He’s not even worth that… how can I say this is a God that is worth my life?

Are you running to God out of respect?
Or are you running out of respect for God?



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