The wisdom of the Ancient Chinese: Busyness

The Chinese word for being busy is . It is the combination of the word for heart, and the word for death.  This suggests that busyness can kill the heart (Original idea from Ken Shigematsu, in God in my Everything).

Combining this idea with what I said last time about love (that the heart is essential in love), we see that being busy would reduce our capacity for love. Being overly busy would kill the heart in love, and you would only have ‘receive’ left. We become a needy person who can only receive, but never give love.

This is not news; we see it play out around us all the time. From the student that would have no patience toward the parent, to the parents that blame the condition of their children on the society, the teachers, or anything but their own inability to give proper example of love to their children; From the worker that cannot grace even a little stress, to the customer whose goal in life was to make his/her server as miserable as he/she is.

This is why God invites us to stop and rest, and not only invites us, but commands us to do so (see the 4th commandment).

“We stop because it is time to stop. Sabbath requires surrender. If we only stop when we are finished, we will never stop – because our work is never completely done.” ~Wayne Muller

Being able to slow down, to stop and rest is also an opportunity to exercise our trust in the Lord… That He would provide for us.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” ~Exodus 14:14

So be Still;
Be still and know that He is God



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