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Child of God

I know I haven’t been here a while, life is happening and this was just not a priority… but it is 4:20 am right now… and today, this morning, this suddenly became a priority: I had to post something.

I had another layered dream/vision, maybe its from all the food I ate at the wedding? Anyways, here goes:

The layered dream/vision:
There was 5 colours, each corresponded to a worship song, each was a presentation of God and the gospel. Somehow I was uncomfortable going through the worship, and i was made aware that it was actually 5 ways of misrepresentation of God
Then I woke up from this layer & details are already starting to get fuzzy. I prayed in this layer for clarity and just something to remember… and something that actually represents true worship. Then I ‘fell asleep’ again and returned to the vision.
True worship was represented by a great & glorious light of a golden hue, and the worship I heard was “I am a child of God, yes, I am a child of God” on repeat.     I woke up from this layer, trying to recall the details of the first 5 & was trying to describe all this to a peer, the details are fading but “I am a child of God” is taking over

This is when I woke up into the real world & and to write this down (and i guess posting it by retyping it as well…). I still do not have the details of the first 5 colours/worship song, but generally it was something along the lines of how something as awesome and supposedly God honouring as worship is not necessarily actually worship nor God honouring & can be misconstrued by Satanic forces or our human flesh.
The true, God-centered worship focuses on who God is, and who we are to God in what He has done:

“Yes, I am a child of God”

What I think of this dream/vision currently:

  1. God answered a prayer immediately, even as I was not fully awake for the prayer (seriously, what just happened???)
  2. I needed to hear that I am a child of God. Right now. Currently going through struggles that I am not sure if I am ever going to win & is it even worth the fight, or should I just give up and revert back to the old way…

    “I am a child of God”

  3. It is by mercy that I do not remember the first 5, so that I do not misconstrue these songs when I/my church are worshipping with it.
  4. ways to misrepresent God in worship may include: (I am backfilling as I no longer have the details)
    – lyrics that does not represent God’s heart nor the scripture
    – artist or worship leader who became more about the artistic talent as opposed to glorifying God
    – singing praises/giving worship that we do not mean as a church (our hearts are not ready)